Updated Version Cisco 400-251 CCIE Security exam test questions | 2018

Cisco 400-251 written exam validates experts who have the knowledge and skills to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot, and support the full suite of Cisco security technologies and solutions using the latest industry best practices to secure systems and environments against modern security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and requirements.

Get newest Cisco 400-251 CCIE Security updated questions from this exam post. All of Cisco candidates who need to take this Cisco 400-251 CCIE Security exam test could view the 400-251 exam demo questions as follows:

Which Cisco ISE profiler service probe can collect information about Cisco Discovery Protocol?
A. SNMP Query
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F. NetFlow
Answer: A

Which type of attack uses a large number of spoofed MAC addresses to emulate wireless clients?
A. DoS against an access point
B. DoS against a client station
C. chopchop attack
D. Airsnaf attack
E. device-probing attack
F. authentication-failure attack
Answer: A

What are the two different modes in which Private AMP cloud can be deployed? (Choose two)
A. Cloud Mode
B. Internal Mode
C. Public Mode
D. External Mode
E. Proxy Mode
F. Air Gap Mode
Answer: E,F

Which three commands can you use to configure VXLAN on a Cisco ASA firewall? (Choose three)
A. default-mcast-group
B. set ip next-hop verify-availiability
C. sysopt connection tcpmss
D. segment-id
E. inspect vxlan
F. nve-only
Answer: A,D,F

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